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Who is Gaby? Gaby is not a woman, but many women. She is beautiful, strong, stylish, and talented. And, of course, Gaby is fierce in the kitchen and makes a mean pizza pie.

Originally from South of France, owner Cathy (Coco was her nickname growing up), had a vision of a relaxing place for the neighborhood, where locals and visitors could enjoy good food at reasonable prices, with a sophisticated wine selection – and stylish surroundings. Welcome, Call Me Gaby.

Owned and operated by women, Call Me Gaby exudes femininity. But, there is an all-star team of masculine Italian chefs in the kitchen handcrafting pizzas each titled after a woman’s name. Is it a coincidence that Coco Chanel’s real name was Gaby? Elegance, enchantment, and classic style? We think not.

Simple. Fresh. Authentic.

Owners Cathy and Anthony take pride in using high quality, fresh ingredients and ancient cooking traditions to create their Pinsa Romana style pizza and casual fare. The entire kitchen is staffed with highly skilled and trained Italian chefs.

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