Why Travel To Cinque Terre? This Vibrant Destination Is Made For Your Bucket List. I remember seeing Cinque Terre, Italy for the first time on my dad’s computer screensaver. The colorful buildings and jagged cliffs seemed unreal. The dreamy scene was so far from what my flat hometown looked like, so I couldn’t even imagine it. Fast-forward three years later, and I was ecstatic to discover I’d be visiting Cinque Terre on my first tour around Europe. I’ll be the first to show you why travel to Cinque Terre should be at the very top of your bucket list. Cinque Terre is a series of five beautiful towns off the Italian Riviera Coast. The stacked homes are perched on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This is the kind of place that only seems to exist in dreams, but I can tell you it’s real. As the train rolled into town, my mind filled with doubt. Would Cinque Terre live up to the hype? Would it be another crowded tourist attraction? Does it only appear to be colorful with Instagram filters? Fortunately, all of my doubts faded when we stepped off of the train to see pastel-colored homes towering above us. My heart skipped a beat, and I immediately knew that this place was worth the journey. 

1. It’s Picture-Perfect. 

Cinque Terre might be the definition of Instagram-worthy. Seriously, you’ll find it difficult to stroll down the cobblestone streets without whipping out your camera. I don’t blame you, though. Most people don’t get to see towns that look like this in everyday life. You’ll be mesmerized by the multi-colored homes, breathtaking landscapes, pebbled shorelines, and lush green vineyards. Each town has its own vibe, but they’re all uniquely beautiful. 

2. The Beaches Are Otherworldly. 

The pastel homes in Cinque Terre seem to steal the show, but the turquoise ocean waters are definitely worth mentioning. After all, did you even go on vacation if you didn’t check out the beach? This is the next best way to cool off under the summer sun, right after a sweet cup of gelato. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can go snorkeling, kayaking, or paddle boarding. If you’d rather relax, then grab an Aperol Spritz, relax on a beach chair, and breathe in the salty ocean air.

3. It’s The Birthplace Of Pesto. 

There’s no doubt that Italy is known for its food. Fresh pasta, pizza, and bread are reasons enough to book a flight to this country ASAP. According to CinqueTerre-Travel.com, The Italian Riviera is known as the birthplace of pesto, so it would be sinful to leave without getting your fix. Basil grows particularly well in this region of the country, so you know the pesto is going to be on point. Once you savor locally-made pesto served up on focaccia, pasta, and gnocchi, you will be a changed human. Of course, a freshly-made jar of pesto would be the perfect souvenir, so you can take a piece of this paradise home with you. 

4. You Can Explore Cinque Terre By Foot.

After eating endless amounts of pasta and gelato, you’ll be happy to know you can get active in Cinque Terre. Life is all about balance, right? Instead of exploring by train, hike from town to town on the Sentiero Azzuro (“Blue Trail”). The whole hike takes around six hours to complete, so be sure you’re up for it. Thankfully, you’ll never tire of the epic Mediterranean views. Don’t forget to pack athletic shoes, sunscreen, and a water bottle.

5. It’s Wine Heaven.

Wine lovers can rejoice in the fact that Cinque Terre is full of vineyards. A wine tasting will reveal what this region has to offer in comparison to Italy’s other wine regions. You’ll learn about the entire wine making process as you take in incredible scenery from the very top of the village. Let’s just say, you’ll leave Cinque Terre feeling better than ever. As you can see, Cinque Terre has something for everyone. Take this as sign to book your flight ASAP. 

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