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New Italian Spot South of Fifth. That New Italian Spot Has a Garden Patio.

Feb 09,2018
New Italian Spot South of Fifth. That New Italian Spot Has a Garden Patio. - blog post image

Maybe you're the type of person who's always been good with names. Maybe you're not. But remember this one. For the love of God, remember this one. Gaby.

As in Call Me Gaby, a sexy new Italian spot that looks like this and is open right now South of Fifth. It's memorable, among other things, because its fior di latte and baked potato pizza is damn near impossible to forget.

You'll want to bring a date to this one. Reasons being: a beautiful front outdoor garden, black-and-white-striped umbrellas, a general South of France feel and, oh yeah, pizza. We're just going to keep bringing up pizza.

Eventually, you'll dine al fresco in that flowering garden. But first, inside to the bar for drinks. A round of Italian Jobs with limoncello and fresh grapefruit, perhaps. Or maybe skip straight to the part where the two of you get cozy in the corner booth situated around the grand window.

Finish your first round. Laugh at the vintage pics of celebs eating pasta. Feel like you're on holiday somewhere very European.

Then, thrust yourself back into South Beach with a table outside, where pies with mortadella, basil pesto and pistachio crumble come flying at you from the kitchen. Oh, but the Pappardelle all'uovo alla bolognese. That's there, too.

Still. Pizza.

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