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Shireen's Favorite Things Spotlight

Jun 14,2018
Shireen's Favorite Things Spotlight - blog post image

Pizza & drinks at “Call Me Gaby” — a romantic garden oasis South Of Fifth.


Charming & rustic: “Call Me Gaby” reminds me of something you’d find deep in the countryside of Tuscany but lucky for us, it’s conveniently located on South Beach. The cottage-style Italian restaurant is decorated with white-washed furniture, overstuffed throw pillows, pink roses and shabby/chic ornaments.

Its fabulous outdoor patio is lush with greenery & easily uses Miami’s tropical personality as its backdrop. I started my Spotlight experience there smothered in comfy cushions on a sprawling couch while sipping a decadent & delicious “Panna Cotta Martini” (made with vanilla vodka, coconut cream, mixed berries and ricotta cheese.) #SweetAndStylish

After enjoying the beautiful weather, I moved inside to admire the delightful decor & of course, taste the food. One side of the restaurant has a long, working pizza bar with a brick oven, the other a cocktail bar, where they whipped me up a “Gigalo” (made with Frangelico, Chambord, muddled lime & fresh berry juice.) Hmmm…this one is for the record books. It’s gorgeous to look at and even tastier to drink.

My three appetizers, which arrived at the same time, were chosen to complement one another. “Tomato In Jar” (which is under “salad” on the menu) was fresh and healthy with heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, red onions & black olives. I fell madly in love with the lamb and beef meatballs — called “Pot of Meatballs” — served with whipped fresh ricotta, chives & olive oil. I devoured both alongside the “Focaccia” (made with pizza dough, rosemary, coarse salt and extra virgin olive oil.)

All of “Call Me Gaby’s” dough is to-die-for and made Pinsa Romana Style. Meaning, it’s extra hydrated, light and airy. So you can leave the bloat at home because you won’t be getting it from the food off this menu. When they filled me in on this fun little fact, I imagined myself driving straight home, lighting all my Spanx on fire while eating an entire “Call Me Gaby” pizza straight outta the box. #BringItOn #YesTheyDeliver

All that pizza-eating empowerment got me to thinking: who’s Gaby, anyway? And should I thank her in person? I came to find out “Gaby” isn’t just ONE woman, she’s ALL women (beautiful, strong, stylish, talented, NOT bloated and can make a great pizza pie.) The concept was created by the restaurant’s owner, Cathy.

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